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Data Doctor-Audio Splitter 2.0

Data Doctor-Audio Splitter allows you to split audio files into smaller pieces (See all)
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Data Doctor-Audio Splitter is a program that allows you to cut audio files into shorter pieces. There are many occasions where a program like this may come in handy. You may have a whole speech recorded in a large WAV file, from which you need to extract specific fragments. Alternatively, you might have a whole audio CD in one single file, and you would like to have a separate file for each track. Sometimes, you will just need to divide a large file in smaller pieces to send it by e-mail or post it in a blog.

Audio Splitter allows you to deal with MP3, WAV, WMA or MP2 files. Once you have selected the file you want to split, you can listen to the song using the program’s built-in player. You can then set the start and ending points for each segment while you listen to it, or you can go directly to the desired point by using the slider control. The program will show you the exact second at which you have placed the cutting points. Finally, you have the opportunity to preview the split file before saving it.

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